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The Kimberley Business Network serves as a user-friendly and readily accessible platform, fostering seamless connections between Kimberley-based businesses and corporate or government buyers seeking procurement solutions within the Kimberley region.

The four pillars Connect, Grow, Inform, and Invest provide visibility on local capability and competitiveness whilst growing investment and attracting major projects.

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By registering your business or organisation, you are joining a public-facing database showcasing the region’s potential and enhancing local procurement opportunities. Major project leads can directly contact you and engage your services as a local, Kimberley-based business.
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Our Project Partners have unprecedented access to our Business Listing profiles with the ability to gain more granular insight into each business. As a Project Partner, you will be able to search by type of asset and fleet, you can view insurance documentation, and actively see if a potential contractor’s workforce meets your requirements. Streamlining the process of engaging new businesses for any upcoming works or projects.

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enviroMINDed, owned by Gayle Williams is a Broome based, sole trader advisory service which provides implementation strategies for organisational environmental and heritage related compliance.

enviroMINDed has assisted mining and exploration companies, pastoral companies and regional manufacturing businesses in understanding and embedding regulatory and stakeholder agreement compliance when diversifying their businesses.

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Maano Security Agency

  • Security guard

We provide security guard services in Broome and surrounding areas.

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