Recognising a need for optimised trade through the Port of Broome, KMSB is developing new port infrastructure with innovative infrastructure at the fore.

Through an innovative infrastructure design and flexibility to deliver bespoke commercial and operational solutions, KMSB will overcome existing limitations associated with the current infrastructure, opening the Port of Broome up to a broad range of industries and logistics support for those industries.

KMSB will deliver a contemporary marine infrastructure system developed specifically for Broome’s unique and extreme tidal fluctuations.

The KMSB Facility has been designed to incorporate a floating wharf linked to a fixed causeway, allowing safe and efficient 24/7 operations regardless of tide depth.

KMSB will support efficiency enhancements for inventory and asset management with greater than 10ha of industrial support land located within 2kms of the berth.

Combining contemporary marine infrastructure and a modern operating model, KMSB will drive advanced solutions for all manner of industrial activity.