Things to consider when quoting for new business.

by | 11 May 2023

As a business owner, quoting for new business can be a daunting task. The quote you provide will often be the first impression a potential customer has of your business, and it can play a significant role in whether they choose to work with you. Here are five things to consider when quoting for new business:

  1. Do Your Research Before providing a quote, take the time to research the potential client and their needs. This will help you understand their business and what they’re looking for in a product or service. It’s also important to research the competition to ensure that your pricing is competitive and reasonable.
  2. Be Clear and Specific Make sure your quote is clear and specific, outlining exactly what is included in the price and what is not. This will prevent any misunderstandings or disagreements down the line and will help to build trust with the potential client. If there are any potential extra costs or fees, make sure to outline these clearly in the quote as well.
  3. Know Your Worth While it’s important to be competitive with your pricing, don’t undervalue your services or products. Make sure you are charging what you’re worth and taking into account all the expenses associated with the project, including time, materials, and labour.
  4. Communicate Effectively When quoting for new business, it’s important to communicate effectively with the potential client. Make sure you’re available to answer any questions they may have and respond to their emails and calls promptly. Good communication will help to build trust and a positive working relationship.
  5. Follow Up After providing a quote, make sure to follow up with the potential client. This can be a great opportunity to address any concerns they may have and to reinforce your interest in working with them. Following up also shows that you’re proactive and committed to providing great customer service.

Quoting for new business can be a complex and challenging process, but by doing your research, being clear and specific, knowing your worth, communicating effectively, and following up, you can improve your chances of winning new business and building lasting relationships with your clients.